Russia Is Not Joking; See What Was Spotted Entering Cuba From Russia That Has Raised Concerns In USA

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Latest reports have revealed that Russian Warships and a nuclear submarine have arrived at the Cuban coast near the border with the United States. The Russian weapons are allegedly there to prepare for war and this has raised tension in the US.

“Russian Warships, along with a nuclear-powered submarine, arrive in Cuba near United States borders.”

Last week Russia announced that it would send weapons to her allies in different strategic position in response to NATO’s help to Ukraine in the ongoing war. People did not however believe this until the vessels arrived in Cuba.

In a press conference last week Putin said that he was tired of warning the NATO members of their continued support for Ukraine and he was going to start a war with them. Putin even warned that he would use nuclear weapons and he was not joking about it…..Fínd Óut Móre

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