See The BBC Phone Interview with MKO Abiola on the Day of His Arrest

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BBC Reporter: What is happening at your house and are you been arrested?

Abiola: I am been arrested and I am just going out now with the police. You see, there is a large crowd here and I am being escorted out to detention by singing the National Anthem.

BBC Reporter: Why are they arresting you?

Abiola: They are arresting me on an allegation of felony; namely treason or something like that. They are not doing me anything; they are just taking me away. Please let me go. I am delaying them.

BBC Reporter: Please where are you? You are in your car?

Abiola: I am in my car now.

BBC Reporter: Is that police are with you in your car?

Abiola: The Commissioner of Police is here with me.

BBC Reporter: Why are they allowing you to talk with the BBC while they are in the middle of arresting you?

Abiola: Laughs… They have come to arrest me not my mouth o.

BBC Reporter: You sound very cheerful Chief Abiola.

Abiola: Of course, laughs. You know it’s all part of democracy here.

BBC Reporter:  And you are happy to go with the Police with whatever charges they are going to file against you.

Abiola: I am not in anyway disturbed by it. Any sacrifice is in order if it will bring democracy, peace and prosperity to Nigeria.

BBC Reporter: Is it possible to speak with the Commissioner of Police who is with you in the car?

Abiola: I don’t know if the Commissioner of Police is authorized to talk.

Commissioner of Police: I cannot talk (undertone).

Abiola:  He cannot talk to the press.

BBC Reporter: What is your advice now to your supporters many of them we had a moment ago?

Abiola: I told them before I left home to just remain calm. It is very very important that they stay calm.

BBC Reporter: You are appealing for calm you don’t want them to take any direct action in your support.

Abiola: No No No!!!

BBC Reporter: You still say you are the president of Nigeria but it is no much in good if you are going to be in jail.

Abiola: Well, Mandela was in jail for 27 years.  Kenyetta was in jail. That is one of the qualifications you need in this part of the world.  Don’t worry yourself my friend. “_ Abiola’s Telephone Interview with BBC (23 June, 1994).

He never came back home alive. He died four years later in detention.  As a young boy (aged 9) in 1994. The whole town was put on fire the day the election was annulled.

But as a grown up, someone so much interested in history, one can conveniently say Chief Abiola died of over-confidence and trust. He trusted a lot of his friends in the Army, in Yoruba land, in the North and particularly, his political associates. But they all let him down.

According to Chief Dele Momodu while on telephone with Chief Abiola on the day of his arrest. The Chief said:  ‘ Dele, I think you should go home. I have heard that they are coming to arrest me at 1 am. But, I don’t think Sani can try it o.’

If you asked me, he should have exiled himself. Fight the battle from afar. Not staying within Nigeria. His greatest mistake was announcing himself as president of Nigeria while in Nigeria……..Continue Reading>>>

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