See The Reasons Why The Igbos Will Never Forgive Obafemi Awolowo

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The Igbos find it hard to forgive Chief Obafemi Awolowo because of his actions during the Nigerian Civil War from 1967 to 1970. Awolowo was a top government official who made decisions that had severe consequences for the Igbo people.

During the war, the Igbos tried to create their own country called Biafra. The Nigerian government, wanting to keep the country together, fought against Biafra. Awolowo was in charge of the finances and played a key role in the war strategy. One of the most painful strategies he supported was the economic blockade against Biafra. This meant stopping food, medicine, and other supplies from reaching Biafra.

The blockade caused a terrible famine. Many Igbos, especially children, suffered from severe hunger and malnutrition. It is estimated that between one and two million people died because they did not have enough food or medical care. Images of starving children and the widespread suffering left a deep mark on the hearts of the Igbo people.

Awolowo also made a controversial decision to change Nigeria’s currency. This move made the money that Biafrans were using worthless, so they couldn’t buy food or supplies even if they had money. This action added to their hardship and made it even harder for them to survive.

Awolowo defended his decisions by saying they were necessary to end the war quickly and save lives in the long run. However, many Igbos feel that his actions were aimed specifically at hurting them. They believe he used these harsh measures to weaken the Igbo people and their fight for independence.

The war caused a lot of pain and suffering for the Igbos, and the policies Awolowo supported are seen as a direct cause of this suffering. The memories of the famine and the feeling of being targeted because of their ethnic background make it very difficult for the Igbos to forgive him.

Even years after the war, the trauma and sense of injustice remain strong in the Igbo community. They feel that Awolowo’s actions were not just military strategies but attacks on their survival and dignity. This deep-seated pain and the belief that they were unfairly treated are why many Igbos find it hard to forgive Awolowo. The wounds from that time are still fresh, and the impact on their lives and history is profound…………DISC∅V£R M∅R£

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