The Day Powerful African President Was Walked Naked In The Streets Before Being Skinned To Death

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Deposed Liberian President Samuel Doe tortured to death on September 9, 1990 in Monrovia, Liberia ( Photo Courtesy)

Many former powerful African Presidents suffered painful deaths. But no one comes close to the pain that Liberia’s strongman Samuel Doe went through.

In fact, his would rank as the most painful death that an African President has ever gone through. But there are those who believe that Doe was given the taste of his own medicine when rebels ousted him from power in a bloody and violent 1990 coup.

The memories of Doe’s shameful death is still fresh in the minds of many people considering that he was the first President in the history of the world to be tortured and executed in full glare of the cameras.

Deposed Liberian President Samuel Doe lying in his death trolley on September 9, 1990 ( Photo Courtesy).

Having himself come to power in a similar fashion following the 1980 bloody coup that claimed the life of President William Tolbert and 13 members of his cabinet, Doe’s time of reckoning came almost 10 years later.

In a bizarre spectacle that shocked the world, Doe was captured by the members of the military in September 1990. From there, his days if not hours were numbered.

He would later be walked naked in the streets of the capital, Monrovia before being laid to his torture trolley. The event was filmed and broadcast live across the world.

Former USA President Ronald Reagan with Samuel Doe ( Photo Courtesy)

The man who had once dined with the most powerful figures in the world like USA President Ronald Reagan,was skinned alive before being executed by forces armed to tooth. It was the end of his ruinous reign.

But it was the death of Doe that would officially usher in a new era of civil war in Liberia led by Charles Taylor.

Today, Doe remains a symbol of all the bad things associated with military coups in Africa…..Fínd Óut Móre

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