Thís Former President Once Said South Africans Are Lazy

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It is widely known that there exists a prevailing belief among many foreigners residing in South Africa, which suggests that South Africans are inclined towards laziness and tend to attribute their problems to external factors.

During the presidency of Jacob Zuma, he himself made a similar remark about his fellow South Africans, characterizing them as lazy. Zuma acknowledged that while the government bears the responsibility of creating a conducive environment for its citizens to prosper, individuals should also recognize that the government may not always fulfill its objectives. Consequently, Zuma emphasized the need for citizens to take initiative in navigating their own lives and achieving success with the resources available to them.

In retrospect, Zuma’s statement, though delivered through scripted speeches, carries a valid point. There is indeed a prevalent laziness among South Africans, and this attitude poses a detrimental impact not only on the current generation but also on future generations…..Review More

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