Where Can You Sell Mandela Coins For R250 000 Per Coin?

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The unveiling of the coin took place in Johannesburg, with the participation of the South African Reserve Bank, the SA Mint Company, and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The coin features a joyful image of the Nobel peace laureate, wearing one of his iconic striped shirts.

During the unveiling ceremony, Mandela expressed, “Today, I am wealthier than yesterday,” encapsulating the sentiment of the occasion. The primary objective of this new coin, as stated by Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, is to spread Mandela’s message of love, wisdom, and leadership. The enduring presence of Madiba, setting an example and providing guidance, is an invaluable fortune.

In recognition of the birth of a nation, a special currency bearing Mandela’s name will be released. Governor Tito Mboweni of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe emphasized that the currency is legal tender, fully acceptable for the purchase of goods and services. Rather than hoarding it, Mboweni urged people to utilize it wisely.

On Mandela’s birthday, which falls on July 18th, five million of these coins will be issued, marking the celebration.

Additionally, a coloring book based on Mandela’s work will soon be published, catering to children. The coloring book will feature prominent illustrations of Nelson Mandela, accompanied by word and number puzzles, as well as fascinating facts about his life, spanning from his childhood to the present…………….DISC∅V£R M∅R£

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