Why Hair Grows On Our Ears As We Age

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As people get older, hair can start to grow on their ears. Here are five simple reasons why this happens:

Hormone Changes: As we age, the levels of hormones in our bodies change. One hormone, called testosterone, turns into another form called DHT. This DHT can make hair grow more in places like our ears.

  1. Family Traits: Genetics play a big role in how our hair grows. If your parents or grandparents had ear hair as they got older, you might have it too. This is because certain traits, like ear hair growth, can be passed down through families.
  2. Sensitive Hair Follicles: Hair follicles are the tiny parts of our skin where hair grows. As we age, some hair follicles become more sensitive to hormones like DHT. This sensitivity can make these follicles grow more hair, especially in areas like the ears.
  3. Less Hair on the Head: As people age, they often lose hair on their heads. This is because the hair follicles on the scalp become weaker. Sometimes, the hair follicles in other areas, like the ears, become more active and start growing more hair to make up for this loss.
  4. Aging Skin and Follicles: Aging affects our skin and hair follicles. As skin loses its strength and elasticity, and hair follicles change, hair growth can increase in new areas like the ears. These changes are a natural part of getting older……Continue Reading>>>

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