With The Way Things Are Going, Some Of Us Are Asking For The Return Of Military Rule – Speaker

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The Speaker, Plateau State House of Assembly, Gabriel Dewan, says Nigerian leaders, including himself, have failed the people after 25 years of the country’s unbroken democracy.

Dewan, who spoke with newsmen on Wednesday in Jos, therefore, rated Nigeria’s democracy low.

The speaker said that the country was blessed with abundant human and natural resources, but they were not properly harnessed by the leaders.

He stated that with the natural resources and the blessings that God had bestowed upon Nigeria, the country ought to be far better than it was now.

Dewan stated that there were countries with far fewer resources than Nigeria, yet they were in a much better state.

“At times, some of us even begin to wonder if it would be better to return to military rule, as most of the infrastructure in this country was built by military governments.

“The creation of states, local government areas, and most of our federal highways, were all accomplished under military rule.

“If I were to score the performance of democracy in Nigeria from 1999 to today, I would rate it at seven per cent out of 100 per cent.

“This is across all sectors: infrastructure, education, health, and more.

“Consider this; today in Nigeria, our Ministers of Education send their children to private schools.

“Our Minister of Health does not seek medical attention in public facilities. Even local government chairmen lack the confidence to send their own children to public schools, which they directly manage,” he said.

According to him, leaders must take responsibility, adding that the country needs a total overhaul of its democratic practices, as what Nigeria is practising at the moment is not true democracy.

“I pray that we, as leaders, can think deeply and act in a way that gives true meaning to democracy, otherwise, we will continue to face these problems.

“From 1999 to date, our performance under democracy has been woeful, and it needs a total change,” Dewan added…………Fínd Óut Móre

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