You Will Be Arrested And Sentence To Prison If You Insult, Stalk, Bully People Online’ – EFCC Warns Youths

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The Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) says Nigerian youths insulting people on the internet risk imprisonment.

Daniel Nwaka, EFCC’s Chief Superintendent, warned that social bullying and cyberstalking are crimes that could land an accused person in jail.

According to a statement published by the EFCC on Tuesday, Nwaka issued the warning, while speaking with students of Blossom Academy, Abuja, who visited the Commission’s corporate headquarters on an excursion trip.

He also admonished youths against engaging in crime, especially cybercrime and Internet fraud as they are robbing innocent people of their hard-earned money.

The anti-graft also warned students against examination malpractices and internet fraud.

“Social bullying too is a crime; if you stalk anyone online, it is a crime; if you insult anybody on the internet, it is also a crime, and you will go to prison.

“These days, youths commit cybercrimes because of peer pressure, greed and poor upbringing, but for you, do not follow them because they steal from innocent people, and if you are caught, you will go to prison.”

While warning the youngsters on the legal consequences of internet fraud, he said, “It is good that you know some of these things as crimes as you grow; we want to tell you that committing crimes has its repercussions.

“Nobody is too young to know about these things. As you go home, tell your parents that you went to EFCC, and they told you that corruption is a crime…………..Fínd Óut Móre

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