36 Years After: See How IBB Overthrow Buhari

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Abbas Yushau Yusuf

On August 27, 1985, Nigerians wake up to the rendition of martial music that announced the overthrow of Major-General Muhammadu Buhari from power.

According Nigeriantracker, The voice of Brigadier General Joshua Analiyo Dogon Yaro greeted the air of Radio Nigeria before the subsequent announcement by Major General Sani Abacha on why the military intervenes in the nation’s politics and removing their fellow comrade at arms.

General Ibrahim Babangida’s coup was called a palace coup because he was a top-ranking member of Buhari’s supreme military council comprising the service chiefs.

Then Major General Ibrahim Babangida’s position as chief of Army staff was as coveted as close to that of the Head of state because he commandeered the Nigerian army.

When the coup was staged on that fateful day the only person said to have sacrificed his life for General Muhammad Buhari and Late Major General Tunde Idaigbon was Buhari’s former ADC Major Almustapha Haruna Jokolo, the deposed Emir Of Gwandu.

Discerning minds told Almustapha Haruna Jokolo and even the Head of state himself not to bother in confronting the coupists but yet due to his loyalty to his boss he went to battle them and in the process he was reported to have sustained injury.

For the incoming Head of state and the Chief of Army Staff Major General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida he was at his country home in Minna attending the Edel-Kabir festivities and was even seen on the front row with one of his close confidants and friend Colonel Abdulsalami Abubakar the Commandant 3 Brigade of the Nigerian Army based in Kano.

While in Minna for the Edel-Kabir festivities the military Governor of General Ibrahim Babangida’s home state colonel David Marke was in constant communication with Nigeria’s former capital Lagos preparing the ground for General Ibrahim Babangida to fly to Lagos and take over the federal military Government which he is expected to lead for the next 8 years as the first self-styled military president as being described by the southern press.

The month of August is very special for Nigeria’s wily General, General Ibrahim Babangida was born in August 1941, he took over power in August 1985 and he voluntarily steps aside as Nigeria’s first military President in August 1993.

He was the first Nigerian military leader to lead a federal government with all the other tiers led by elected civilians including the states and the legislature.

When he was received by Late Governor Musa Inuwa of Niger state by then this writer was monitoring the event via Sashin Hausa Radio Nigeria Kaduna and General Ibrahim Babangida revealed in Hausa how the way was cleared for him to become Nigerian leader on August 27 1985.

He declared to the audience that received him as ‘’YAU ZUCIYANA FARI FAT YAKE’’

Meaning Iam in extreme happiness and I bear no grudge.

Since then General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida was living at his hilltop mansion in Minna Niger state and many Nigerians who want aspire to top political leadership visit General Babangida’s residence to seek his blessings<<Continue Reading Here>>>

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