5 Countries Where Being A Gay Is Punishable By Déath, Number 5 Is Déath By Stoning

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1. Iran.

In January 2019, a guy was hung in Iran for having s£xual relations with another man. Following Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, homosexuality was considered a criminal felony punishable by execution. Iran’s then-president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, famously claimed at Columbia University in 2007, “In Iran, there are no gay people like yours.”

2. Brunei.

Brunei has recently made headlines due to its new, stringent Islamic rules. Two of the most heinous were amputations as a penalty for stealing and the execution of gays and adulterers. Brunei’s Sultan announced the following weeks of international anger.

3. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Being in a relationship with someone of the same gender is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. First-time offenders are frequently whipped or imprisoned, while repeat offenders face execution.

4. Mauritania.

Homoséxuality has always been banned in Mauritania, Africa’s 11th-largest country by land area. This, however, does not constitute a capital offense. Until 1983, when Sharia law became the dominant source of the penal code, a three-year prison sentence was handed down. As a result, homosexuality has been designated as a capital felony. As a form of execution, stoning is utilized.

5. Yemen.

Unmarried gay men in Yemen receive 100 lashes or a year in prison, but married gay men face stoning under the country’s severe anti-homoséxuality laws….Seê _ Morê


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