5 Signs She Is Forcing Herself To Love You

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1. She Doesn’t Seem Happy

If she often looks bored or unhappy when she’s with you, she might be pretending to love you. True love usually makes people feel excited and joyful. If she rarely smiles or seems disinterested, she may not truly love you.

2. She Puts in Little Effort

A loving partner tries to make the relationship work. If she never makes plans, doesn’t ask about your day, or shows little interest in your life, she might not care deeply. Real love means wanting to spend time together and caring about each other’s feelings.

3. Her Affection Changes Often

If she’s warm and loving one day, but cold and distant the next, it might be a sign she’s forcing herself. True love is usually steady and reliable. Inconsistent affection can mean she’s struggling to pretend she loves you.

4. She Avoids Being Close

Physical closeness is important in a relationship. If she doesn’t like holding hands, hugging, or being close to you, it could mean she’s not feeling a true connection. Avoiding intimacy often shows that her feelings are not genuine.

5. You Fight a Lot

Frequent arguments can be a sign of forced love. When someone isn’t truly in love, small problems can turn into big fights. True love usually involves working together to solve problems calmly. If you argue all the time, she might be forcing her feelings<<Continue Reading>>>

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