Any Woman Who Had A Child For My Son Should Come Forward Now, It Would Bring Me Great Joy To See My Grandchild. All We Need To Do Is A Dna Test” ~ Mohbad’s Father Cries Out

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Mohbad’s father is making a heartfelt request. He wants any woman who might have had a child with his late son to come forward. He says it would bring him great joy to see his grandchild. To be sure the child is truly his grandchild, he suggests doing a DNA test.

Mohbad, whose real name was Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, was a famous Nigerian singer. His death has left his family and fans very sad. His father is now reaching out, hoping to find a part of his son through a grandchild.

For Mohbad’s father, finding this grandchild would be a way to keep his son’s memory alive. It would also bring happiness to their grieving family. He believes that connecting with his grandchild would help heal some of the pain of losing his son.

The father’s plea is simple and full of hope. He wants to welcome this grandchild into the family, ensuring they know their roots and the love of their grandfather. His message is clear: if there is a child, they should come forward so they can be part of the family…..Continue Reading>>>

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