Black Women Are Doing Powerful Things, Meet Aicha Evans The Ceo Of Zoox Car

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The Zoox car is a self-driving, bidirectional vehicle designed specifically for urban environments. It has a distinctive, symmetrical design that does not include traditional features such as a steering wheel, pedals, or a driver’s seat, allowing it to drive in either direction without having to turn around.

The vehicle can seat up to four passengers and has plenty of room for activities such as working, sleeping, or socialising while travelling.

With your mobile device, just download the app, from the app store, unlock the doors and type in the location where you want the car to drop you, you can sleep as the car drives you to your location. It has no key as everything is done on your app. This car has no front nor back as it uses any to drive when convenient.

This Car surprised Onyibo as they have currently placed it under investigation because of its incredible features….Continue Raeding>>>

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