Check Out 7 Big Brother Housemates You Didn’t Know Are Best Friends In Real Life (Photos)

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1. Lucy and Nengi

After the explosive fight that happened between Big Brother Lockdown contestants, Lucy and Nengi, it is hard to imagine these two becoming friends.

Still, it happened. Fans were surprised to see after the show, Nengi and Lucy all dressed up, all smiles, hanging out together and taking a nice picture together. The magic that being outside the house creates.

2. Prince and Dorathy

On the Big Brother Lockdown show, we started seeing a friendship form between contestants Prince and Dorathy. However, their friendship is a lot stronger than I think people even expected it to be. Often times, in situations like these, it is usual for contestants to make friends that are just for the purposes for the show and disappear after the show ends.

But in the case of Prince and Dorathy, this has not been the case. In fact, the two seem closer than ever. Constantly tweeting at each other, taking pictures together, and even doing games and shows together after the house. Now, that’s friendship!

3. Alex and Cee-C

Yet another set of people that butt heads a lot during their time on the Big Brother show are contestants Cee-C and Alex. These two women were constantly not agreeing with each other and not seeing eye to eye. In fact, many branded them as “enemies” because of their time on the show.

However, after leaving the house, Alex and Cee-C have seemed to develop quite the friendship. The two constantly comment and react to each other’s posts on social media and on numerous occasions, they have been seen together. A classic example of this is the time when Alex showed up to help Cee-C with the launch of Cee-C’s business, Cegar.

4. Tolanibaj and Praise

During the Big Brother Lockdown season, Tolanibaj and Praise were not enemies necessarily, but they were also not friends. Memories of both of their times on the show include – Tolanibaj refusing to kiss him during a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ and Tolanibaj voting to evict him from the show.

Still, it seems that after the show, the two have been able to form quite the nice friendship as they now comment on each other’s posts on social media and even did a joint photoshoot together.

5. Mercy and Prince

One cross-seasonal friendship that nobody saw coming was the friendship between Mercy and Prince. Apparently, Mercy Eke was a huge fan of Prince while he was on the show and after his time on the house, both contestants got to meet up and hang out with both contestants gushing over each other.

A nice simple friendship has formed between this two and it’s nice to see.

6. Kemen and T-Boss

One that we never ever thought we would see happen is the reconciliation between Big Brother contestants, Kemen and T-Boss. On their season together, Kemen was disqualified for sexually harassing T-Boss.

After such a horrendous ordeal, fans were not expecting the two to even be able to stay in the same room together – but as life would have it, the two got together and Kemen apologized profusely for his actions. T-Boss forgave him, and the two have gone on to become friends.

7. Tacha and Erica

Well, in an unprecedented move, amidst a lot of rumors and gossips about beef and bad blood between two of Big Brother Naija’s biggest stars, Tacha and Erica have released footage of themselves hanging out and they seem quite close.

Smiling and having a good time all over social media, the two squashed any talk about bad blood between themselves. It looks like it’s nothing but bright skies for these two women…..Seê _ Morê

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