Foreigners In South Africa Must Be Documented” Says New How Affairs Minister

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Speaking on LesediFM this morning, Leon Schreiber said people are illegal in the country because the system is failing them. ‘Once we have sorted the system at Home Affairs and everyone is documented, there’ll be no reason for anyone to be illegal.

This morning, on the popular radio station @LesediFM, Minister Leon Schreiber addressed the ongoing issue of undocumented foreigners in the country. Schreiber emphasized that the root cause of illegal immigration is a failing system that inadequately supports proper documentation.

“The current system at Home Affairs is inefficient, leading to numerous individuals being undocumented,” Schreiber stated. “Our goal is to revamp this system to ensure everyone residing in the country is properly documented. This will eliminate the primary reason for illegal status.”

The minister’s comments highlight the government’s acknowledgment of systemic failures within the Department of Home Affairs, which have long been criticized for delays and inefficiencies. Schreiber’s plan involves comprehensive reforms aimed at streamlining the documentation process, ensuring timely and accurate issuance of necessary papers to foreigners.

Schreiber also discussed the broader implications of an improved documentation system. He argued that properly documenting all residents would enhance national security, improve service delivery, and ensure that everyone, regardless of origin, is accounted for in national statistics. This, in turn, would help in better policy-making and resource allocation.

“Documenting everyone will bring numerous benefits,” Schreiber said. “It will not only help in maintaining law and order but also in planning and development efforts across the country.”

The minister’s statement has sparked various reactions. Advocacy groups have expressed cautious optimism, hoping the proposed reforms will address long-standing issues faced by migrants and refugees. However, some critics remain skeptical about the government’s ability to implement these changes effectively and within a reasonable timeframe…..Seê _ Morê

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