Here Are 4 Lies Women Tell Men

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Here are four common lies women might tell men:

1. “I’m Fine.”

When a woman says “I’m fine,” she may not actually be fine. This can be a way to avoid conflict or hide her true feelings. She might not want to talk about what’s really bothering her, either because she thinks it’s not worth discussing or she fears how the man will react.

2. “It Wasn’t That Expensive.”

Women might downplay the cost of something they bought. This can be to avoid an argument about spending or to prevent the man from worrying about finances. By saying it wasn’t expensive, she tries to keep the peace and avoid any financial scrutiny.

3. “I Don’t Mind If You Go Out with Your Friends.”

Sometimes, a woman might say she doesn’t mind her man going out with his friends, even if she actually does. She might want to appear cool and understanding, or she doesn’t want to seem controlling. However, deep down, she might feel neglected or left out.

4. “I Didn’t See Your Message.”

This lie is often used to avoid awkward conversations or to buy time before responding. If a woman says she didn’t see a message, it could mean she needed some time to think about her reply or didn’t feel like talking at that moment<<Continue Reading>>>

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