Here’s Adolf Hitler’s Last Words Before He Took His Own Life In His Bunker In Berlin

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Hitler’s Last Words Revealed in Pilot’s Diary

Adolf Hitler’s final moments before his suicide have been revealed in the diary of his former pilot, Lieutenant-General Hans Baur. This diary is now part of a book titled “I Was Hitler’s Pilot.” Baur was very close to Hitler, serving as his best man and receiving a car from him on his 40th birthday.

In the diary, Baur shares a personal conversation he had with Hitler as the Nazi leader realized the war was lost. Hitler took Baur’s hands and said, “Baur, it’s time to say goodbye. My generals have let me down, my soldiers are tired, and I can’t keep going.”

Baur tried to convince Hitler to escape by plane to Japan, Argentina, or the Middle East, but Hitler refused. He said, “The war will end when Berlin falls, and I will go down with it.”

Hitler also said, “A man must be brave enough to face the consequences—so I’m ending it now. I know that tomorrow, many will curse me—that is my fate.”

He mentioned his fear that Russian forces might use gas to attack his bunker. In his final words to Baur, Hitler stated, “In any case, I’m not waiting—I’m ending it today.”

Hitler killed himself on April 30, 1945, an act that led to the Nazi surrender and marked the end of World War II in Europe<<Continue Reading>>>

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