How To Pray With A Glass Of Water

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I know you’ve come across countless videos on social media about praying over a glass of water. Yes, it is one of the most active spiritual means of breakthrough in any field.

After the glass of water praying video we posted on our official social media accounts has benefited thousands of people in so many ways, we are pleased to announce the most in-depth article on praying with a glass of water. I decided to write the guidelines here.

Young or old, this routine is easy to follow. However, only a few items are required.

What is required for the Water Glass Prayer?

For a glass of water prayer to be effective, he needs four things:

A very clear and clean glass.

Get water from a contaminant free tap or source.

Buy real sea salt. Take out your Bible and open it to Psalm 35.

This guide covers the following topics:

How to pray with salt and water

Psalm 35 prayer and a glass of water

Glass water Manifestation and Prayer

morning glass and water prayer

Glass with water and candle prayer

a glass of water garlic and salt

Ready? Shall we get this party started?

Step 1:

Fill the glass with water.

Cover it and put it next to your bed. Pray with a glass of water first thing in the morning before you talk to someone.

After the prayer is over, wash your face, hands and feet with it, and you will have a testimony within 48 hours.

Step 2:

To briefly witness your prayer, grab a glass of water and open to Psalm 35 or Psalm 17 verses 1-8.

After reading, thank God and thank God for everything He has done for you.

Seek his grace and mercy. Then speak positively into the water.

Everything you need for your life and drink.

Step 3:

Grab a glass of water and add a pinch of salt.

Pray whatever you want, even if it’s your enemy or something troublesome.

They read Psalm 35 to him seven times over the water, and in the morning he washes his feet and face with the water at about twelve o’clock and goes to bed. you will dream

Step 4:

At midnight, get three white candles, a glass of water, and your personal favourite Psalm verse.

Afterwards, take a bath with cinnamon garlic tea and ask them everything while bathing….Seê _ Morê

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