“I Cannot Date A Guy Who Will Give Me Just N5-million Per Week, I Can Make N5-million From The Comfort Of My Home In Będ – Phyna

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“I cannot date a guy who will give me just N5-million per week. I can make N5-million from the comfort of my home in będ.” Phyna

How much is N5-million? N5-million is just like $5k like bruh, in my dollars account I have more than $5k sitting pretty and I don’t even remember that money. I can’t even touch that $5k because I have alot of money. If a guy gives me $5k or N5-million I’ll rejęct it because N5-million is like change. I can make N5-million from the comfort of my home without even going anywhere. Alot of people are seeing N5-million as a big deal but it’s actually nothing. Guys need to do better.” Phyna

Nigerian vîrgin reality TV Star, Phyna who once revealed that Yah00 boys don’t give their gîrlfriends money after datîng several Yah00 boys reveals…..Continue Reading>>>

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