“I Have Zero Regrets Ending My Marriage. I Never Told Him To Stop Working With Davido. I Only Made Suggestions” — Isreal DMW’s Ex-wife, Sheila Reveals

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Sheila, the ex-wife of Isreal DMW, shared her thoughts about their marriage and why it ended. She said she has no regrets about the divorce and believes it was the right choice for her happiness.

There were rumors that Sheila had told Isreal to stop working with the famous Nigerian artist Davido, but she denied this. Sheila explained that she never asked Isreal to quit his job with Davido. She only made some suggestions to help improve their relationship and his work-life balance.

In her statement, Sheila emphasized the importance of respect and understanding in a marriage. She wanted to make it clear that she never tried to control Isreal’s career but simply offered advice she thought would be beneficial for both of them….Continue Reading>>>


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