I Regret Giving Birth To My Children, They Have Abandoned Me – Mother Cries Out

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Joyce 76years old and a mother of two has painfully narrated how she regrets giving birth to her kids who abandoned her after she got sick after she struggled to raise them alone as a single mother.

According to Joyce is that she got married at a young age and was blessed with four kids, her husband left her in the house and he never came back and she was forced to struggle to take care of her kids.

All her kids grew up and they went to Nairobi to look for work, they used to visit and help her with paying her rent since her body had started to become weak and couldn’t work heavy work.

She says that after she developed a strange disease where her legs can’t move, two of her kids got in an accident while working in Nairobi and she was left with two kids who has abandoned for years now.

She says that all her sisters and brothers died and she has no one to look up to and good Samaritans to need her she has a rent area of six months and her landlord told her to vacate in December since he can’t host her again.

She is now in pain and she regrets ever giving birth to her kids, who have stayed over 7 years without checking up on her they never call but people tell her they see them in Nairobi, she is now pleading with good wishers to help her pay the rent areas since she has nowhere to go…..Continue Reading>>>

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