“If Without Your Husband You Cannot Buy Tomatoes, Bra, Give Offering, You Are A Collosal Disƍrace” — Nigerian Lawyer, Stella Justice Tells Women

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Nigerian lawyer Stella Justice recently said that women who can’t buy simple things like tomatoes, bras, or give money at church without their husband’s help are a “colossal disgrace.”

She thinks that women should be able to take care of their basic needs on their own. Stella Justice believes that depending entirely on a husband for money makes women look weak and less valuable. She feels that every woman should have her own money and not rely only on her husband.

Her statement has made many people talk. Some people agree with her and say that women being able to earn their own money is important. They think it helps women feel strong and secure, especially if something happens to their husband. Others think her words are too harsh. They say not all women have the same chances to make money and that different cultures have different rules…..Seê _ Morê

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