If you have a woman of high maintenance who is not working to maintain her lifestyle, You have so much to worry about, Here’s Why

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Evelyn Nneka Obasi on Facebook shared a story of what happened to an abroad guy and his girlfriend.

According to Her, A guy abroad sent money to his woman in Nigeria to rent an apartment.

She wasn’t doing any work. So, he sent money for everything she would need to be comfortable.

While on this. She met a guy who liked her. She played along. Since, he was a mumu guy who would do anything she wanted. She used him to meet her needs. To her,she was playing a game until they became intimate and she won’t just leave him or allow another woman get close to him.

Any person who tried to warn her especially knowing she was in a committed relationship with the abroad guy even before he left became an enemy.

The abroad guy came back. Suspected their closeness. The funny part is that,while he was abroad. The woman would always tell him about the other guy as just being a friend and a church member who disturbs her but she is using him.

Now, that he is back. She was still going to him. Meanwhile, the other guy is not aware the abroad guy who just came back is her boyfriend. He only got to know when he asked why the guy was staying in her house and he was not allowed to come in as he used to.

The day both men discovered the truth. They were so angry that the abroad guy beat her up and the two men fought.

Long story short, the two men moved on with their lives.

Today, if you ask the lady what happened. She will tell you the abroad guy has always abused her even before he traveled. Yet, they have been together for more than 7 years. Ask her why she stayed with him for that long, she can’t give you reasons. Maybe she was enjoying the money he had as she was living a flamboyant lifestyle. Yet ,she was not satisfied. She will never acknowledge she did wrong.

If you have a woman of high maintenance who is not working to maintain her lifestyle, You really have so much to worry about….Continue Reading>>>

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