Just In: Another African Country Joins Kenya In Anti-Government Protests

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Kenyan youths began massive protests across the country against the 2024 finance bill two week ago. The president went ahead to accept the demands of the people and withdrew the bill.

However, Kenyans later joined hands to continue the demonstrations against bad leadership, corruption and abuse of government offices.

They have been recently on the streets requesting President Ruto to resign which has not beared any fruits.

Reports of Kenyan’s intense demonstrations have spread across many countries in the world influencing many youth to follow the footsteps of Kenya.

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A notice is circulating on social media platforms of Ghanian youths informing the Chief General of the upcoming protests against bad governance.

On 20th of July, all the youth will gather in Kumasi, Cape coast and Accra from 6:30am to publicly demand for accountability from the government and advocate for a brighter future.

They have promised to be peaceful inorder for their voices to be heared and make a difference.


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