Life As Wizkid’s Son Is Beautiful But A Little Bit Boring, Everyone Treats Me Like A King – Wizkid First Son Says

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Tife Balogun, the first son of Nigerian music superstar Wizkid, describes his life as both beautiful and a bit boring. Being the child of a famous person means Tife is treated like royalty. At school, if he argues with a classmate, just mentioning he is Wizkid’s son makes the other child apologize. When the teacher punishes students for not doing their assignments, Tife is often skipped. Everyone in school wants to be his friend.

However, Tife feels his life is one-sided. He doesn’t experience the usual challenges that other kids face. This makes his life feel unbalanced and incomplete. He has asked his mother to enroll him in a school where no one knows who his father is, hoping for a more normal experience. But his mother says this is impossible because his dad is a superstar.

Tife’s story shows the unique challenges faced by children of celebrities. While they enjoy many privileges, they can also miss out on important life lessons and experiences…..Seê _ Morê

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