Man Killed After Being Found In Bed With Another Man’s Girlfriend

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Tawanda Machingura, a resident of North Lynne suburb in Bulawayo, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for murder by Bulawayo High Court Judge Justice Bongani Ndlovu. He fatally struck Mthokozisi Mhlanga with a broken beer bottle after finding him in bed with his girlfriend, Gugulethu Nkomo, whom he alleged was an alleged sex worker.

The incident occurred at a house belonging to Natasha Ward, where Nkomo and Mhlanga were engaged in sexual activities. Machingura discovered them together, retrieved two empty beer bottles, and used one to fatally stab Mhlanga in the head. Despite attempting first aid, Mhlanga died from his injuries, and Machingura was later arrested after the body was found in the yard.

During the trial, Nkomo testified that Mhlanga was her boyfriend and that she knew Machingura only as a tenant at Ward’s residence. The court found Machingura guilty of murder, leading to his sentencing to 11 years in prison….Seê _ Morê

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