Men need to stop giving money to women just because they want to go through their lęgs, Women need to work and earn their own money – Kanayo O Kanayo

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“Many Nigerian rich men patronize our women and give them benefits that make us look like we’re not working hard. Most Nigerian rich men spend money on our gîrls to the extent it improvîshes us and makes us look like we don’t work hard. You call a gîrl, she says she wants to be your production. She’s your girlfrîend for whatever benefits she gives you.

There are gîrls right now that are bold enough to ask a man for N150-million when the only thing they’ll give you back is s£x. If a girl ask me for money, I’ll tell her to go and work hãrd because we’re all the same. Have you seen any lady ask for financial help for medical expenses? Only men ask for medical support and it’s because we men are an endangęred specie that needs to stóp worrying about ladîes.” Kanayo O Kanayo

It’s normal to make sacrîfices in life but no man should ever sacrifîce his money for a lady who isn’t bringing anything to the table…..Continue Reading>>>

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