My Wife Divorced Me For Being Insensitive, Singing Stμρid Songs – Veteran Nollywood Soundtrack Composer, Stanley Okorie

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Stanley Okorie, a well-known Nollywood soundtrack composer, recently shared that his wife divorced him. She felt he was insensitive and sang “stupid” songs. Stanley is famous for singing the catchy “Mumu-Mumu” song that many people recognize from Nigerian home movies.

In an interview, Stanley explained that his wife found it hard to live with him because of his behavior and the songs he made. Even though his music is loved by many and brings joy to movie watchers, it caused problems in his marriage. His wife thought he joked too much and wasn’t considerate of her feelings, which led to their divorce.

This story shows that famous people can have personal struggles just like anyone else. Stanley’s songs make many people happy, but his work habits affected his personal life negatively. His experience highlights how challenging it can be to balance a public career and private relationships.

Despite the difficulties in his personal life, Stanley Okorie’s music remains very popular. His song “Mumu-Mumu” is one of his best-known works and continues to be enjoyed by many…..Continue Reading>>>

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