Nigeria To The World, See The Park In Canada Named After An Igbo Man

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Nigerians are making a big impact all over the world. Recently, a park in Canada was named after an Igbo man, showing how much Nigerians are appreciated abroad.

In many hospitals in the US, UK, and Canada, you will find many African doctors and nurses, and about 80% of them are Nigerians. This shows how important Nigerians are in the healthcare sector.

Nigerian music is also very popular. In clubs in London, if you don’t hear songs by Davido or Burna Boy, something is wrong. Their music is loved everywhere and is a big part of the international music scene.

When most Westerners think about Africans, they often think about Nigerians. This is because Nigerians are present and doing well in many countries. We are known for our hard work and success.

Unfortunately, some Nigerian leaders call their own people lazy. This is not true at all. The success of Nigerians abroad shows that we are hardworking and talented. Nigerians are achieving great things and should be recognized for their efforts….Continue Reading>>>

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