Only Fóols Say There’s No God Just Because They Can’t See Him, My Question Is; Can You See Love? No! But Love Exists – Nigerian Pastor Queen Kel Bombshell Atheists

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Nigerian Pastor Queen Kel recently spoke to atheists, challenging their disbelief in God just because they cannot see Him. She asked, “Can you see love? No! But love exists. Can you see anger? No! But it does exist.” Her point is that many important things in life, like love and anger, are real even though we cannot see them.

Pastor Kel believes that just because we can’t see God with our eyes, it doesn’t mean He isn’t real. She wants atheists to think about how they believe in other things they can’t see. For example, we know love is real because we feel it, and we know anger exists because we experience it.

By comparing God to emotions, she hopes to show that not everything real can be seen. Some things are felt and known in other ways. Pastor Kel’s message is simple: not seeing God doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. Many important parts of life are invisible but still very real….Continue Reading>>>

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