Russia Issues Another Strong Warning, This Time To Israel

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Russia has issued yet another warning, and this time, it is directed at Israel. Israel must be ready to face the consequences if it moves forward with reported plans to supply Ukraine with US-made air defense systems.

So far, Russia has also warned the West, which has continued to supply Ukraine with weapons in spite of several threats and promises of retaliation. Russia has yet to actually follow through with any of its threats and warnings, and it’s continuing to embolden Ukraine’s Western backers.

Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, has warned the United States, Israel, and Ukraine as the three countries are in discussions to deliver up to eight old Israeli Patriot systems to Kiev, the Financial Times reported last week, citing people familiar with the negotiations.

“I believe that this could of course have certain political consequences,” the Russian diplomat said. “The weapons, whoever they are sent by… to Ukraine, will eventually be destroyed, just like other Western and US weapons. That is obvious,” he added.

Back in April, Israel announced plans to retire its M901 PAC-2 batteries, which are more than 30 years old, and replace them with more advanced air defense systems. However, they have not been put out of service yet due to concerns that growing tensions with the Lebanese armed movement Hezbollah could escalate into an all-out war. -RT

Throughout the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, Israel has only provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine, refraining from sending any weapons. A year ago, the Jewish state rejected a demand by Vladimir Zelensky for Israeli Iron Dome air defense systems.

The continued arming of Ukraine is only prolonging the conflict and has not stopped Russia from advancing and achieving its goals in the war. It is increasing the risk of global conflagration, but so far, Russia’s restraint is keeping the world from getting wrapped up in this war….Continue Reading>>>

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