Russia Tells Kenya What USA Did To Vietnam In 1975 And Why They Should Not Trust Them

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Russia and the United States are among the world’s most formidable adversaries. The two are among the world’s superpowers today, and no one wants them to go to war because it may cause global chaos. Even though they have not engaged in a physical conflict, the two have a Cold conflict that will never end. Each of them utilises their relationships to persuade other countries to collaborate with the enemy.

The Russian embassy in Kenya has issued a statement urging Kenyans to avoid working with the United States because they cannot be trusted. To buttress their claim, the embassy provided a photo from 1975, when the United States flew 3300 newborns from Vietnam to the United States for adoption following the Vietnam War. The project, known as Babylift, aimed to assist thousands of orphaned infants who had lost their parents as a result of the Vietnam War.

Russia, on the other hand, considers this operation inhumane because the United States did not obtain permission from Vietnam to remove the newborns. 78 newborns perished during shipment after one of the planes crashed.

It is the American Operation Babylift (April 3–26, 1975). Over 3300 newborns and children were flown from Vietnam to the United States and other Western countries for adoption without their knowledge, and 78 of them died in a plane crash on one of those flights. The embassy wrote in a tweet on Twitter. Now Díscover More And Other News>>

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