Russia Threatens Israeli Regime

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Russia has warned the Zionist regime about the possible consequences of providing Ukraine with an air defense system.

Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, warned the Israeli regime about the certain consequences of providing Ukraine with an American-made air defense system, stating that any weapons sent to Ukraine, regardless of the sender, will ultimately be destroyed.

Nebenzya further stressed that the possible transfer of Patriot missile systems by Israel to Ukraine could have specific political consequences for the Zionist regime.

The Financial Times reported last week that the US, Israel, and Ukraine are negotiating the delivery of eight Patriot air defense systems from Tel Aviv to Kiev.

According to the news outlet, the Patriots will first be sent from Tel Aviv to the US and then handed over to Ukraine.

Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war in February 2022, the Zionist regime has only provided non-military aid to Ukraine.

Russia has repeatedly warned about providing Ukraine with foreign weapons, emphasizing that this will only prolong the war and have no impact on the final outcome<<Continue Reading>>>

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