See How Japanese Soldiers Had A Competition On Winning The Game With Most R@apes And Beheading People In China

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The r@pe and murder that would soon envelop Nanking(city in China) started before the Japanese Army ever reached the city borders. The Japanese Army was moving through China at the outset of their invasion, massacring and looting with strict orders to “kill all captives.” The Japanese didn’t stop there, though.

Among the invading army, nothing was forbidden, not even children, and this would pave the way for many of the soldiers to indulge in their most violent fantasies including children and men besides women of all age groups including biting and cooking their private parts alive.

When the Japanese Army reached Nanking, their brutality continued unabated. They burned down the city’s walls, people’s homes, the surrounding forests, and even whole villages situated in their path fulfilling their “weird fantasies” with men, women, boys and little girls.

They looted nearly every building that they could find, stealing from the poor and the rich alike. They then slaughtered scores of people that they happened upon. Some victims of the Nanking Massacre were Buried live into mass unmarked graves. Others were simply left to rot in the sun with no clothes on.

To the invading army, the R@pe of Nanking men, women and children was sometimes even a game. Japanese history bragged between two soldiers, Toshiaki Mukai and Tsuyoshi Noda, who had challenged one another in a race to see who could slaughter 100 people with their swords first after r@ping them.

Worse yet, the people who these two men cut open weren’t enemy combatants killed on the battlefield. By the men’s own admission, the victims were unarmed, common people. Noda admitted, after the war ended: “We’d line them up and cut them down, from one end of the line to the other by slaughtering their private parts

What’s more, this admission wasn’t an apology. Just seconds before, Noda had scoffed at his victims for letting him kill them, saying, “The Chinese soldiers were so stupid.” He also added, “Afterward, I was often asked whether it was a big deal, and I said it was no big deal as we all enjoyed the n@dity, eating their private parts while making them swerve in pain and the killings.”

In the six weeks of “competition and game” which the Japanese perpetrated the Nanking Massacre starting on December 13, 1937, an estimated 20,000 to 80,000 Chinese women, men and children were brutually r@ped by many Japanese soldies lead by Noda and Mukai. They sometimes went door-to-door, dragging out women and children and gang-r@ping them. Then, once they’d finished with their victims, they often murdered them brutually.

Such killing wasn’t just an act of senseless barbarity, either — these men were following orders. “So that we will not have any problems on our hands,” one commander told his soldiers, referring to any women and child they’ve r@ped, “either pay them money or kill them in some obscure place after you have finished the game.”

And the invaders didn’t kill their victims quickly during the R@pe of Nanking. Instead, they often made these women and children suffer in the worst ways possible. Pregnant mothers were cut open, and r@pe victims were sodomized with bamboo sticks and bayonets until they died in agony. The children were r@ped multiple times in a day and women’s private parts were cut off for the dinner meals while they were alive.

The Japanese government never apologised officially till today<<Continue Reading>>>

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