See How To Use Coloured Candles, Don’t Make Mistake About That.

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Before you use your candles you first bless them or rub them with holy ash or rinse them under running water. This is done to neutralize the energy of the candles as many other people have handled the candles before you. You then position all of them firmly on a candle stand without lighting them as yet. When one of the candles falls down it means that the person using the candles has an issue of an unclean aura, you are holding grudges or your spirit is just restless.

Now you can light all your candles-

1. When the candle doesn’t burn brightly it’s an indicator of a unclean aura, the same applies when they make a noise.

2. By the time you have lit your candles, spiritual messenger is now working and gathering information. You must observe the colours you are using because there are times when a specific candle will drip endlessly and that only indicates that there is a complaint from one of your ancestors and the colour of your candle will show you who to pay attention to.

Take note of their colours.

1. Yellow candle:

When it burns, and its digging a long hole on the side of the candle, this shows that you ancestors are hungry.

2. Blue candle:

If it’s burning but very dim, “isithunywa” is not using its full potential for whatever reason that will always be connected to you personally. When this candle is burning brightly but presents black smoke”( isithunywa is present but its being disturbed by dark shadows) “.

3. Blue and green:

When they burn fast and finish before the others , this is a warning of something bad that might come to pass.

4. Red candles:

When the this candle burns and finishes off before the others it indicates that there is an evil disturbance that is making its presence felt in your life (your enemies are striking).

Days of the week and their colours.

Every day has it’s own candle colour specified for it. These are the days of the week and the various colored candle specified for each day.

Sunday: gold and orange

Monday: silver, white, and gray

Tuesday: red and autumn shades

Wednesday: yellow and gray

Thursday: purple and deep blue

Friday: light blue, green, pink, copper hues

Saturday: maroon, dark shades, black……..Seê _ Morê

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