See What Hitler Did When He Learned That Mussolini Had Been Captured And Executed By His Own People During World War 2

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The photo above shows Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci in a Milan morgue. After being hanged upside down from a gas station girder, some gentle soul arranged them in a familial, loving pose.

Adolf Hitler would have heard reports about the Duce’s death and accounts of the Italian mob beating, kicking, and urinating on his corpse before the hanging display. Isolated in an underground Berlin bomb shelter, Hitler would not have seen the grisly pictures before his own suicide two days later and only after he showed an awareness of decency by wedding his own mistress Eva Braun.

After Berlin surrendered on May 2, 1945, the Soviets claimed that Hitler escaped. They would point fingers at potential havens like Spain and Argentina. Several years later, Hitler’s dental assistant was released from Russian custody and the West learned that, as early as May 11, the Soviets had pieces of Hitler’s dental work; forensic evidence, a positive indentification. A suspicious Stalin pretended not to notice. Much later, a part of Hitler’s skull, found on May 5, became public and it also rests in a Russian archive. So in May, 1945, Russian intelligence services believed they had conclusive proof that Hitler died while Stalin played a disingenuous game.

When Hitler first heard of Mussolini’s death, he turned to his factotum SS Maj. Otto Günsche and asked him to dispose of his body. He also talked about various methods of suicide when conversing with Eva Braun and his female secretaries.

Mussolini’s demise alone didn’t move him toward an anonymous death. Hitler considered himself representative of Germany, a symbol, like a flag, that should never be captured. He knew the Russians wanted to take him alive to Moscow where he expected to be treated “like a caged animal in a zoo.”

In the end, he used a double sure method, pulling a gun’s trigger aimed at his right temple while simultaneously biting down on a cyanide capsule. Mrs. Hitler only used poison because she wanted to remain a beautiful corpse. It worked as planned since they had tested the prussic acid on the family’s German Shepard dog named Blondi.

When the time came, Günsche received around 20 jerrycans of fuel, carried the couple upstairs from the bunker and began the cremation. He trusted incoming Russian artillery fire would do the rest.

After 11 years of Soviet captivity, including physical abuse, Günsche returned home satisfied he did a good job. He thought the beatings were because the Russians found nothing, believing that they wanted him to prove that Hitler died by showing them where he hid the corpse. He was probably tortured for fun, since the Soviet secret services already held forensic evidence of Hitler’s death.

Günsche, released from custody, May 2, 1956<<Continue Reading>>>

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