See Why The Announcement Of General Abacha’s Death Was Delayed

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On Monday June 8 1998 Nigerians woke up to a rumour about the death of Nigeria’s Head of State late General Sani Abacha.

His sudden death on June 8 1998 shock many Nigerians because Nigerian Government delayed the announcement of his death. Foreign media stations like the BBC and CNN speculated about the death of Nigeria’s helmsman saying Nigeria’s Head of state may have died.

But Radio Nigeria officially announced the death of General Abacha around 6 PM before his burial in Kano on the night of June 8.

By then Nigeria does not have a number of media stations unlike what is obtained today.

But some attributed the delay due to security reasons so that some dissident troops may not seize the opportunity to forcefully take over the government.

His succession was trailed with controversies as the Provisional ruling council refuse to decide till after the burial of the General in Kano. Those that were on the line of succession were Lieutenant General Balarabe Haladu,Major General Ishaya Rixi Bamaiyi.

Others are Lt General Jeremiah Timbut Hussein and General Abdul salami Abubakar

But the succession fell on General Abubakar who was the Chief of Defence Staff and third in the hierarchy of in the Provisional ruling council.

The second in command was the chief of General Staff ,Lt.Gen Oladpo Diya who was convicted after planning to overthrow General Abacha around late 1997<<Continue Reading>>>

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