The First Day I Met Offset, I Thought He Just Wanted To Smäsh Me And I Was Ready To Let Him Fvck Me But He Wanted More Than That – Cardi B

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“The first day I met Offset, I thought he just wanted to smäsh me and I was ready to let him fvck me but he wanted more than that. He told me that he loves me and I immediately fęll for him. Our love transcends beyond money and I love him for who he is.” Cardi B

“The day I met Offset was so random and funny. We were performing at the same show and I was just walking by and as soon as he saw me, he just pushed me to his section and started talking to me. I didn’t even know him by then so I was like “oh, this guy wants to fvck! Whatever?!” I knew he was a Migos but I didn’t know him in person. All through while he was talking to me, I just felt like he wanted to smäsh me. But then he said something which completely got my attention. He said “See I’ve been watching you for a long time, I like your music and I think you have alot potential.” And I was just like yeah! Yeah! Yeah! But then I immediately fell for him and the rest was history.” Cardi B

If a woman genuinely loves you, even if you are põõr, a billionaire can’t take her away from you<<Continue Reading>>>

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