What Did Jesus Mean that He Was the Stone the Builders Rejected?

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When Jesus said He was “the stone the builders rejected,” He was talking about a story from the Bible in Psalm 118:22. This story says, “The stone the builders did not want has become the most important stone.”

In simple words, Jesus meant that the leaders of His time did not accept Him. These leaders were like builders, and Jesus was like a stone they threw away because they did not think it was useful. But, even though they rejected Him, Jesus became the most important part of God’s plan, like the main stone in a building.

In building, the cornerstone is very important because it is the first stone placed, and all other stones are lined up with it. Jesus was saying that He would be like this cornerstone. Even though He was rejected, He would be the key part of God’s plan.

The religious leaders, who were like the builders, did not believe Jesus was the Savior. They rejected Him and His teachings, which led to Him being killed on the cross. But after He rose from the dead, Jesus showed that He was indeed the foundation of faith and salvation.

This story is told in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Jesus used this idea to teach that even though He was not accepted by the people who should have known better, He was still the most important part of God’s plan…..Seê _ Morê

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