What I Do For Pastors Who Want To Leave The Church And Start Their Own Ministries – Oyedepo Shares

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Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church, has shared what he does for the pastors in his church who feel called by God to leave and start their own ministries. He shared this during his sermon at the July edition of the Leadership Empowerment Summit.

He started by emphasizing the importance of being spiritually connected to their spiritual roots. According to him, connectivity is superior to commitment, and although men can see how committed you are to a man of God, only God, who can see the heart, knows who is truly connected.

He shared how he encourages pastors who feel called to leave, to stay connected to the ministry so they can bear fruits like the ministry bears fruit.

“We held two meetings in this hall, asking for those God might be speaking to to go to the next phase of their ministry,” he said.

He told them:

“Should God be speaking to you to go to the next phase of your ministry, we’re here to bless you and you’ll be bearing fruits after your roots. That’s my prayer for you after you leave. But that’s if you’re connected. If you’re not, that’s an empty prayer.”

He also shared that he would always keep in touch with the progress of their ministries, and encourage them to check again if there were serious issues.

“Should the_re be any issue, you have a home, get back in,” he said. “When I see you going to trouble and I see you are somebody that can be helped, I’ll say can you check it again…..Seê _ Morê

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