WhatsApp Will Stop Working On These Phones In 2024

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Regarded as one of the top messenger apps in the world, WhatsApp has become a necessary household app whenever you get a smartphone. Meta has been working around the clock making new updates to WhatsApp to try and catch up with more advanced messengers like Telegram – constantly improving it and adding new features to it to extend its capabilities.

WhatsApp is supported on several phones and devices running Android, iOS, and even some feature phones running alternative OS. Although Meta has tried to maintain a long support life for several devices, there comes a time when they have to pull the plug and invest their resources elsewhere and this time it’s happening again.

Over 35 phones are losing support for WhatsApp this year and it’s high time to check out if your device makes the cut or not before you start looking for options soon. According to a report from CanalTech, WhatsApp stopped receiving updates on a total of 35 mobile phones that have older versions of Google’s Android and Apple iOS operating systems.

The mobile devices that are losing or have already lost support for WhatsApp include models from Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, LG, and also Apple too. To keep yourself safe from malicious attacks and continue receiving the newest updates, it’s best to check this list and find out whether it’s time to upgrade your phone.

Here’s the interesting part, some of the devices on the list are over 7 years old with outdated hardware but have been supporting WhatsApp for a long time but sadly, it’s time to cut ties. Currently, Meta, recommends using the app on devices with at least Android 5.0 or later while Apple recommends it on iPhones with iOS 12 (or later).

Over 35 devices losing support for WhatsApp
Galaxy Ace Plus
Galaxy Core
Galaxy Express 2
Galaxy Grand
Galaxy Note 3 N9005 LTE
Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE+
Galaxy S 19500
Galaxy S3 Mini VE
Galaxy S4 Active
Galaxy S4 mini I9190
Galaxy S4 mini I9192 Duos
Galaxy S4 mini I9195 LTE
Galaxy S4 Zoom
iPhone 5
iPhone 5C
iPhone 6
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 6S
iPhone SE
Ascend P6 S
Ascend G525
Huawei C199
Huawei GX1s
Huawei Y625
Lenovo 46600
Lenovo A858T
Lenovo P70
Lenovo S890
Lenovo A820
Optimus 4X HD P880
Optimus G
Optimus G Pro
Optimus L7
Xperia Z1
Xperia E3
Moto X
Sony Xperia M
Other devices losing WhatsApp support in 2024
Aside from the big brand names, there are also other devices that are also being dropped off the support update list and those include:

Faea F1
Archos 53 Platinum
Wiko Cink Five
Wiko Darknight
ZTE V956
ZTE Grand S Flex
ZTE Grand Memo
If your phone or device is not among any of those up there, consider yourself lucky. If you have anything older than the devices listed above, then there’s a question for sanity coming very soon. Just kidding…..Continue Reading>>>

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