Why Is It That Tigers Are Not In Africa?

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Tigers are not found in Africa for several reasons that are easy to understand. First, tigers originally evolved in Asia, not Africa. This means they started living in Asia millions of years ago. Since they evolved in Asia, they never naturally spread to Africa.

Geography also played a big part. There are natural barriers like mountains, deserts, and seas between Asia and Africa that tigers couldn’t easily cross. These natural barriers kept tigers in Asia.

In Africa, there are already big predators like lions, leopards, and cheetahs. These animals are similar to tigers and compete for the same food. If tigers had somehow made it to Africa, they would have had to compete with these animals for food and space, making survival harder.

Tigers also need specific types of environments to live in. They like dense forests and areas with lots of water. Africa has many savannas (large grasslands) and deserts, which are not the best places for tigers. They wouldn’t find the right kind of shelter or enough water in these areas…..Continue Reading>>>

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