Wizkid Grants A 30 Seconds Quiz! See His Answers To All Questions

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-Amala OR Pounded Yam?

Wizkid “Amala”

-Messi Or Ronaldo ?
Wizkid “Ronaldo”

-Who would you rather bring back to life? Fela Kuti or Bob Marley ?
Wizkid “Fela Kuti”

-Money Or Fame ?
Wizkid  “Money”

-Would you rather save money for later or leave for the moment?
Wizkid “Save for later”

-Entrepreneurship or paid employment?
Wizkid  “Entrepreneurship”

-Pay with cash or pay with a card ?
Wizkid  “Pay with cash”

– Mercedes Or BMW ?
Wizkid “Mercedes”

– Nicki Minaj Or Cardi B ?
Wizkid  “Nicki”

-Who is your favorite designer??
Wizkid “My tailor

-What’s one thing you’re tired of??
Wizkid  “Traffic in Lagos”

– Wine or Spirits??
Wizkid “Wine”

-What is your kryptonite ??
Wizkid “My kids”

-Nyash or Bresst ?
Wizkid“Nyash for life….Sée _ Morê

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