Wizkid in total shock as his 7 years old son insist on taking his 170 Million Naira worth Daimond chain to school to present it as art & craft

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Wizkid, a famous Nigerian musician, was left in shock when his 7-year-old son insisted on taking his father’s diamond chain, worth 170 million Naira, to school. The boy wanted to present the chain as an art and craft project. This unexpected request highlighted the boy’s innocence and perhaps his lack of understanding of the chain’s value.

Wizkid’s reaction was one of disbelief and concern, as the chain is not just expensive but also a prized possession. The situation drew attention on social media, with many fans sharing their reactions and commenting on the boy’s innocence and the immense value of the chain. It also sparked discussions on the importance of teaching children about the value of money and the significance of expensive items…..Continue Reading>>>

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