Your First Salary Is For Your Father, Not Your Pastor.”- Veteran Actor Kanayo .O. Kanayo

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Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo made a statement about religion and its practices. He expressed his concern about how some religious leaders ask people to give their “first fruit” offering. This means they are asked to give their first salary to the church. Kanayo thinks this is not right. He believes that the first salary should go to the parents, not the pastors.

Kanayo explains that parents work very hard to raise and educate their children. They spend money, time, and effort to make sure their children have a good life. So, when the children start earning money, it is fair that they give their first salary to their parents. This is a way of saying thank you for all the support and love they received.

He criticizes religious leaders who, from the comfort of their homes, ask for these first fruits. Kanayo questions this practice by asking, “Na you train am?” This means “Did you raise and educate this child?” He emphasizes that it is the parents who deserve this first salary, not the religious leaders.

Kanayo’s statement is a reminder that family responsibilities should come first. He believes that religion should not exploit people financially. Instead, it should focus on teaching good values and supporting the well-being of individuals and their families.

By giving the first salary to parents, children show their appreciation and respect. It also helps parents, especially if they are in need of financial support. This practice strengthens family bonds and shows gratitude for all the sacrifices parents have made<<Continue Reading>>>

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