Zelensky Leaves Door Open for Putin Invite to Future Peace Talks

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In an interview with Bloomberg published on the evening of July 3, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed the possibility of inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to a future world summit organized by Ukraine.

Zelensky indicated that while he did not rule out extending an invitation to Putin, he expressed doubts about the Russian president’s willingness to participate in near-term negotiations, characterizing Putin as “too scared to come.

Zelensky emphasized the importance of finding a pathway to dialogue between Russia and Ukraine for resolving the ongoing conflict. He underscored his belief that for a fair resolution benefiting Ukraine and global stability, it is crucial for the United States and China to set aside their differences and collaborate as mediators.

The Ukrainian president previously announced plans for a new peace summit in the coming months, following the one held on June 15-16<<<Continue Reading>>>


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