3 Scariest Female Prisons Where No One Comes Out The Same (Photos)

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1. Julia Tutwiler Prison (Alabama, USA)

The Wetumpka State Penitentiary, now known as Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, is situated in the most desolate regions of the southern state of Alabama. However, in 1942 the institution was given a new name in honor of Julia Tutwiler, a well-known prison reformer who worked tirelessly throughout her life. Tutwiler, known as the “Angel of the Stockades,” was well-known inside the prison walls and transformed the place from a pit of misery into something tolerable. The fact that Tutwiler prison qualifies as a “highest security” jail due to its renowned death row, however, does not imply that life within is easy. In reality, the jail has been under investigation for its high rate of officer-on-inmate violence and was recently named one of the ten worst prisons in the country.

2. Grand Valley Institution (Ontario, Canada)

This Canadian prison, which is situated in Kitchener, Ontario, is the only institution of its kind in the entire province of Ontario. But while being situated in the beautiful country of good old Canada, it is nonetheless extremely spooky. In actuality, the jail is best known for the death of Ashley Smith, a 19-year-old prisoner, which sparked a massive judicial investigation and a great deal of controversy around the globe. Ashley, who was notorious for her disruptive conduct, frequently changed institutions. Yet, while imprisoned in one of the notorious Grand Valley solitary cells in 2007, Ashley was seen on camera hanging herself with a piece of fabric. Even though guards were present, it was another 45 minutes before someone finally stepped in. The episode has been the subject of two documentaries, both of which touch on the prison’s contribution to her sad demise.

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3. Women’s Prison in Heilongjiang (Heilongjiang, China)

The Heilongjiang Women’s Prison, located in Heilongjiang Province in the north of China, is well known for its strict treatment of rebellious inmates. The institution, however, recently made headlines when a Chinese woman claimed to have endured brutal abuse and torture for nearly three years. The woman claimed that she was frequently handcuffed from behind, kept in isolation, and beaten by prison staff and other inmates. She claimed that she was subjected to torture because of her religious beliefs. The detainee further asserted that the guards would use any methods necessary to persuade her to reject her faith since they were so desperate to do so. When it was discovered that the prison had also been under investigation for illegal organ harvesting after inmates complained about having their blood drawn without their permission, it became the least of her concerns…..See More

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