3 Things Your Woman Wants You To Do With Her While In Bed But May Not Tell You

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In a relationship or marriage, knowing what your partner wants at the right time is very important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. In this article, we will explain three things your woman wants you to do with her while in bed.

Here they are.

1. Cuddle her.

This is very important, after working and stressing herself for the day, she needs to relax and have a good sleep, as her man, you need to cuddle her at that moment, your closeness and warmth will make her feel pampered and more comfortable with you.

2. Massage her body gently.

Women loved to be massaged, that’s why most times you see them going to the gym. Form a habit of massaging your woman in bed, it helps her to relieve pain therapy and relaxes her muscles.

3. Kiss Her forehead and tell her that you love her so much.

Women cherish when you kiss them on their forehead. As a good husband, always give her a good night kiss on her forehead before she sleeps....See More

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