4 Clear Signs That A Girl Is Dating You Because Of Desperation And Not Love

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1. Quick Commitment.

If a girl rushes into a serious relationship very fast, she might be desperate for a relationship rather than truly in love. Love usually takes time to develop, so if she’s pushing for a serious commitment too soon, it can be a sign of desperation.

2. Neediness.

When someone is desperate, they may become too reliant on their partner for everything, like emotional support, money, or a sense of purpose. Real love involves two independent people coming together, not one person depending on the other.

3. Constant Reassurance.

If the girl constantly needs you to say nice things about her, tell her you love her, or gets jealous and possessive easily, it may be a sign of desperation. True love means trust and comfort, not a constant need for reassurance.

4. Ignoring Differences.

Love should accept each other’s flaws and differences. If she ignores big problems or behaves in ways that go against her values just to keep the relationship, it’s a sign of desperation. Real love addresses issues, not ignores them...See More

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